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SwedenRoots.com Sweden Roots presents various methods and consolidated support material useful to you if you seeks to identify your Swedish roots to identify your Swedish ancestors. Swedish church records are accessible online by Genline. This genealogy website includes census help, emigrant details, immigrant records, and the Emibas church records, hyperlinks,  and other sources for people with ancestors from Sverge Sweden who are doing research into their family history.

You may use the material presented here at Sweden Roots for free. You don't have to buy anything. Be sure to follow the linkrack hyperlinks to experience the best websites the internet has to offer for Swedish genealogy. We are sure fortunate to live in a time when this material is so freely available.

Sweden Roots also provides online support for the VisitEuropeOnline publication:

Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook.

This workbook will guide you from your immigrant ancestors back through time to Swedish ancestors found in Swedish church records. Expect to find your ancestors back to the 1700's from the comfort of your own home with the help of a computer connected to the internet. Complete instructions are provided in the workbook for computer use so do not hesitate to use this method to leaf out your family tree.

A Swedish company, Genline, is in the final stages of the digitizing of Swedish church records from 1890's back through the late 1600's. So with an inexpensive subscription to Genline, you can view these records on your own computer. There are over 15,000,000 images currently available online.

The Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook will take you page-by-page through steps to follow to add to your Swedish genealogy. Very little knowledge of the Swedish language is required. Translation tools are provided in the workbook.

So from me to you, good luck as you seek to identify your Swedish people. This activity will likely bring more excitement into your life than anything you have recently done. It is fantastic. I speak from personal experience. Click HERE to see my ancestry developed on some lines back to the 1580's. 

Be prepared to become a more interesting and knowledgeable person for your effort. You will also be gathering information of interest to all your relatives. Family history is a hot topic in most family conversations. Why not be the source person for the latest details about your family history.

Also, imagine finding living relatives in Sweden. I did! I've talked by telephone and exchanged letters with them. You can too. The workbook tells you how to find them and how to write them and how to call them.

I hope you like my website.

Find details about how to obtain this workbook HERE.

Click HERE to read about a lookup service I offer to help anyone find immigrant ancestors from Sweden. If I am unsuccessful, there is no charge. PayPal is the only payment method for this service since refunds are so easy with PayPal.


 Swedish-American Genealogy Humor

You can get a taste of this book at this link. Click HERE.


David Ullian Larson


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January 2008 DIS of Sweden is happy to announce that No. 5 of "Rooted in Sweden", our magazine specially intended for our non-Swedish speaking members, is now available as a PDF file at URLs

    http://www.dis.se/english/RootedInSweden_5_low.pdf  (0.8 Mb) in English
    http://www.dis.se/english/RootedInSweden_5_high.pdf (7.4 Mb) in English

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